The Pride and Joy of Fieldstone

"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots;
you get good breaks from bad shots- But you have to play the ball where it lies."
- Bobby Jones


# 1- Par 4 (Black 442- Red 332)- A long but relatively straightaway Par 4, that normally plays into the
 wind. A well-placed drive up the right center of the fairway will leave a long iron or hybrid into
the green for most players. Avoid hitting your ball left of the fairway at all cost, as out of bounds is
just a short bounce away. For longer hitters, beware as the fairway really necks in tightly up the
left side. An approach shot to the middle of the green is always a smart play as there is a bunker on
the left and a severe drop off to the right.

# 2- Par 5 (Black 579- Red 453)- The first of many intimidating tee shots at Fieldstone Golf Club as
a conglomerate of bunkers and a lake await the errant tee ball left. Aim your tee shot to the left
mostbunker in the group of three guarding the right side of the fairway on this demanding Par 5.
Only the longest hitters will reach this green in two as the prudent
play is often to layup given how
the fairway necks into this narrow and deep green that requires supreme accuracy.Escaping here
with a par or better speaks volumes about your golf game.

# 3- Par 3 (Black 182- Red 84)- This Par 3 does not look like too difficult of a hole at first glance. However, miss this green and your short game will surely be put to the test. Miss to the right and you will find it almost impossible to stop the ball on the green with your chip due to the severe right to left slope. Miss to  left and you may not be able to see the flag as you address your ball from the deep
greenside bunkers on this side of the hole. A tee shot to the middle of the green is always a prudent

# 4- Par 4 (Black 354- Red 201)- A short but demanding Par 4, with a reload awaiting any player not clearing the gorge or hitting the ball left on their tee shot. A carefully placed tee shot of 230 to 250
yards up the right center of the fairway will leave you with a wedge in your hand for your second. However, be careful as shots that in too hot to this green may roll off on the left side and could be lost.

# 5- Par 5 (Black 530- Red 433)- There is no easy shot on this long demanding uphill Par 5. Favor the right side of the teeas most misses to the right will bound back down the hill into the fairway. Prepare
to give it your best from there as your next is a long carry over water and bunkers to a severely uphill
sloped fairway. A demanding mid to short iron shot must be played into this green favoring the right center. Shots even a fraction left of the green will not be found. Birdie can sometimes feel like an eagle
on this, the toughest hole on the course!

# 6- Par 3 (Black 184- Red 120)- This downhill Par 3 requires an accurate mid iron play. Calculate your yardage carefully
and pay close attention to the wind above the tree line as both will surely influence your play. Miss short or left and a water
hazard awaits. A play to the middle of the green often results in no more than a 20 foot left for your birdie.

#7- Par 4 (Black 347- Red 166)- Probably the most visually intimidating tee shot at Fieldstone, you must remember that
there is more room out there than what it looks like at first glance. A carefully placed tee shot 200 to 220 yards up the right
center of the fairway will setup a short iron or wedge in to the green. Left is no good! Take at least a half club more on your
approach as a false front is sure to capture at least one player in your foursome.

#8- Par 3 (Black 183- Red 110)- Just a gorgeous Par 3 hole here. Beauty can be very deceiving though as hole location
is a huge factor here. Do not go for the flag on any hole location on the right half of the green. When the flag is up front it is
better to miss a little short of the hole than even 4 feet past. All other hole locations are very playable with the middle of the
green never a bad option.

#9- Par 4 (Black 443- Red 341)- One of the longer Par 4's on the course, give it your best drive. Take aim at the left side of
the clubhouse in the distance. Long hitters need to shape their shot right to left as long drives down the right side run out
of fairway real estate. Another hole where selecting at least a half club more on your approach shot is the prudent play.

#10- Par 5 (Black 607- Red 443)- A long heavily bunkered Par 5 here. Place your tee shot down the right center and your
second just to the left of the large tree that guards the right of this split fairway. Your uphill shot to this two tiered green
usually requires one more club.

#11- Par 4 (Black 304- Red 182)- A classic example of risk vs. reward. This short downhill Par 4 plays even shorter than
listed on the scorecard. The smart play is a layup down the right side of the fairway leaving a short iron or wedge into this
green that is only 20 yards deep. Long hitters aim just left of the bunker on the right side of the fairway and play for a big
bounce onto the dance floor. Birdies and eagles galore for those with distance and accuracy.

#12- Par 4 (Black 369- Red 259)- With the widest fairway on the golf course, some golfers go to sleep on this tee shot and
pay the price. You must avoid a small pot bunker in the middle of the fairway and multiple pot bunkers that separate the
12th from the 14th on the right side. Place your tee shot up the right center for the best angle into this green.With only a
mid to short iron left, birdies and pars await.

#13- Par 3 (Black 219- Red 115)- A mid-length Par 3 that requires quite a forced carry from the tee. Do not let this one leak
to the right or you may take several shots recovering from the massive deep bunker your ball will find. Another hole to pay
close attention to the amount of left to right crosswind and choose your club wisely.

#14- Par 4 (Black 476- Red 335)- The longest Par 4 on the golf course, and toughest hole on the back nine, this one
will require your two best shots to reach the dance floor in regulation. Your approach to the green should favor the left
hand side as many balls that land short left roll onto the green. Par here is an excellent score.

#15- Par 4 (Black 439- Red 322)- A longish but downhill Par 4. Favor the right center of the fairway off the tee as most
shots will bounce hard left upon landing. More than likely your tee shot will leave you with a downhill second shot to a
green guarded by water hazard in the front and bunkers and fescue long. Check your club selection twice as any cross
wind may have your ball in a watery grave.

#16- Par 3 (Black 130- Red 73)- The shortest hole on the golf course that appears easy with only a glance at the scorecard.
Pay careful attention to the hole location an add one more club for the uphill. There are two distinct tiers to this green, so
make sure your tee shot finds the correct location as three putts await those that don't.

#17- Par 4 (Black 436- Red 301)- Another difficult Par 4 here, as this hole generally plays directly into the wind, playing up
to 40 yards longer. Save your best iron shot of the day for your second here as the green is well bunkered and a collection
area looms for any misses long and to the left. Many a good round has been ruined here in the past.

     #18- Par 5 (Black 524- Red 432)- Simply a great Par 5 finisher here, both picturesque and challenging. Finding the fairway
off the tee is critical to success on this hole. Make sure to avoid the large pot bunker in the middle of the fairway on your second, as most players have to hit backwards to get out of this hazard. A two-tiered green with a false front awaits for a dramatic finish. Could there be a better golf scene than closing with a par or birdie here as the sun sets in the distance and the bagpiper plays?

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